I Hate Women’s Fiction And I’ll Tell You Why

“I a man writes a book which has themes such as love, marriage, family and anything even vaguely domestic, it is Literary Fiction; but when a woman writes about the same issues, it is immediately labelled Chick-Lit.”

Tara Sparling writes

I Hate Women's Fiction, And I'll Tell You Why

Hey, you! Yes, you there, with the marketing degree! Or you, Creative Director with that massive advertising agency. Hell, even you, person who spends more time than is healthy shouting at the TV when terrible ads come on, because you could do better. (Four monkeys with bad head colds could do better, you admit, but that’s not the point.)

I have a job for you. Are you ready? Good.

You have no time whatsoever, and 55% of a regular marketing budget, to repackage Women’s Fiction, and sell it to the reading masses as something which is just as good as Men’s Fiction.

Because, well – you know Men’s Fiction, right? The genre listed on all the annual bestseller round-ups? You can see it right there, can’t you? Just underneath the 74th biography of Steve Jobs – which is listed as a ‘Biography’ – you can see it. It’s in the top…

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#author Another week gone by and it’s mid-July

2019-7-14 Editing in July after a long break

I’m sitting on my new, not-particularly-comfortable office chair at home and I’ve just finished editing Chapter 12 of my first novella Somewhere Someone Pays. It was only 936 words – the chapters vary in length – but I at least did something.  (I really should make an effort to take more interesting photos)

I read an interesting article by Rescue Time @rescuetime on time blocking or blocking hours / minutes in the day to complete tasks done  http://bit.ly/2JFkURS .   A simplified interpretation is that it’s similar to having a school timetable except it’s for work.  You also have to bear in mind that each day’s work and goals can change. My cut-off point for editing and writing this article today was midday, but as I’ve only just started trying this technique it’s more important that I achieved that goal than kept within the time limit. I’ve edited 35 pages (typed on A4) and have another 15 to go.

I have been making sure I tidy my desk at the end of each day and it’s now much better waking up to a neat environment.

This is my second post in July so I’m doing well so far.

I haven’t started using my new notebook; I think I’ll have to plan how I’m going to section it.

I haven’t made an appointment with a photographer to get my photo done for this site and my Twitter account.

My new e-reader stopped working after 3 days so I’ll have to take it back tomorrow and get a replacement.  These things can happen.

I’ll see how much progress I make by this time next week.  It will at least give me something to write about in the next article.

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#author Exercise for authors #legsagainsthewall #ViparitaKarani #inversion

Just a quick word on one the best postures to stretch hamstrings, glutes, calf muscles and, in my case, help relieve lordosis without making hardly any effort.  This exercise has also had the unexpected side effect of doing flat bridges or pelvic tilts far easier in the mornings. I’ve been practising this pose for about three weeks now and I even look forward to it because it makes me feel better. Consult a doctor etc if you necessary before trying this.

Legs against the wall or Viparita Karani is an inversion posture and one of the easiest you can do.  The benefits include relaxing the mind, easing stress, helping move fluid from the lower parts of the body especially if you’ve been sitting or standing all day.
It’s also said to regulate blood pressure and improve digestion.

Lie on the floor with your backside/ glutes close to or touching the bottom of a wall, and rest your legs flat against the wall.  To get into the pose, it’s best to sit sideways on and then lift your legs as you turn to face the wall before inching yourself closer. (Check a yoga book or class or the internet for photos and videos).
If you haven’t done this before and find the stretch too awkward or difficult, begin by lying a few inches away from the wall. In your own time, over a few days or weeks, you can gradually move closer to the wall.


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#author Achievement, discipline and effort

My new chair.  No, I haven’t seen one like it before either

The title of this post is aimed at myself as I have, yet again, neglected my website for a fair while.  In fact the last time I wrote was on 23rd of April.

Since then I’ve managed to do a few things although nowhere near as many as I should, hence the need for discipline and effort (I’m not sure in which order so I’ll go for both together).
Since returning from China I began a new day job that involves sitting at a desk all day in front of a computer which has had detrimental effect on my typing which was never that great.
I still play Candy Crush, usually after work for five evenings a week, and a bit at the weekends.
I discovered a new yoga posture that I’ve been doing every night before going to bed and which is the best posture to help relieve my lordosis (Legs up against the wall pose or for those in the know Viparita Karani).  More on this in the next post.
I bought a small leather bag/wallet for my phone so it’s less likely to be dropped on the ground. (An idiot in China dropped it within two hours of it being out of its box).
I bought a new e-reader (yes, it’s one of Amazon’s) and a small bag to put it in.
I bought a new 200-page notebook (£1) which will include all sorts in an attempt to put more organisation into my life.
2019-7-7 New e-reader and notebook
New notebook and e-reader

I also bought an office chair.  I bought it really quickly (too quickly) from someone who wanted to offload it, and I think I might have been ripped off.  (But after sitting in a far more comfortable chair all day at a desk with a cut-out front, the last thing I want to do sit down on any chair).  As you can see, I like my chair so much I haven’t even taken the plastic cover off.
I also bought a new pair of walking shoes for autumn/winter.
And I did a tiny bit of editing.
For two hours over lunchtime today I tidied my desk so it’s less cluttered than before.

The above list is an attempt to find the positive in the not very productive period of the past several months.
Whatever you’re doing in life, I hope you’ve managed to achieve some of your goals.


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